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We installed a mailinglist which adresses all german and european geophysics students. The aim of this list is to share information with all students and interested persons.


Contents are:

  • GAP, annual meeting of the german and european geophysics students
  • job and internship offers
  • seminar and conference announcements
  • information newsletters about the studies
  • and more....


We highly recommend to add yourself to the Mailinglist.



1) First login (Erste Anmeldung)? create an account

2) Wait for acknowledgement of reciept

3) Login (anmelden) with your personal information

4) Search under "Liste suchen" for geophys_info

5) Subscribe (abonnieren) the list


If you have questions or important information you want to share, you can contact the Admins.

Find us on facebook

We have found a facebook group for all geophysics students. It sould offer you the possibility to discuss about the study, ask question to other students or simply exchange news.

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