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In many degree programs of geophysics you can find different optional subjects, where you can choose from a varieties of courses and lectures at its own or related faculties. But also other geophysical departments offer exciting courses, which can not be found at your own institution due to different focusing of the institutions. This is the reason why we, as a committee for questions of students of the DGG, asked the responsible persons of the geophysical degree programs during the last year, if it would be possible for students coming from other universities to join their courses, too. The best opportunity to join courses at other universities is in block courses to avoid commuting regularly.


You find a list of possible courses here. It is mentioned as well which course suits to which level of study, which knowledge is necessary and how often the course is provided.


But what to do now, when you found a course you like to join?

First of all you have to ask the associated professor ( see Kontakt), if there is room for another student in the course,. Secondly you have to ask your own responsible student commission, if and how the course will be accepted. Ideally the course can be accepted at once for your studies. If that is not possible, it can be enumerated as an additional course on the certificate. Due to the different assignments at the universities, the problem has to be discusses individually. – And then the exchange can be started!


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We have found a facebook group for all geophysics students. It sould offer you the possibility to discuss about the study, ask question to other students or simply exchange news.

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