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Geophysical Activity Program

History of the GAP

In 1985, geophysics students from Karlsruhe initiated a meeting for their fellow students from throughout Germany. The aim was to connect students of geophysics among each other and to give them insight into the area of work of the organizing institute. Furthermore, talks, workshops and field trips provide knowledge about topics like “career entry”, “industry internships”.

Meanwhile, the GAP is a consistent institution with international character among the students. In past years we have regularly welcomed participants from Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden and other european countries. The GAP also took place in other european countries like Austria, Poland and Switzerland.


Places of events so far:


  1985 Karlsruhe 1991 Clausthal 1997 Muenster 2003 Cologne 2009 Freiberg 2015 Freiberg  
1986 Hamburg 1992 Freiberg 1998 Karlsruhe 2004 Cracow (PL) 2010 Karlsruhe 2016 Münster
1987 Munic 1993 Cologne 1999 Freiberg 2005 Munich 2011 Hamburg 2017 Karlsruhe
1988 Kiel 1994 Kiel 2000 Leoben (AT) 2006 Leipzig 2012 Cologne 2018 Potsdam
1989 Graz (AT) 1995 Zurich (CH) 2001 Berlin 2007 Muenster 2013 Muenster  
1990 Bochum 1996 Munich 2002 Hamburg 2008 Kiel 2014 Kiel  


In 2015 the GAP meeting will take place in Freiberg at the TU Bergakademie. For sure we are all excited and look forward meeting everybody there again.

Find us on facebook

We have found a facebook group for all geophysics students. It sould offer you the possibility to discuss about the study, ask question to other students or simply exchange news.

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