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Geophysics is a part of geosciences. It combines disciplines like physics, geology, mineralogy, petrology as one research field.

The main research projects are the solid earth, the interior of the earth and the higher atmosphere.

Geophysics covers a larger range of the earth as meteorology or geology and is separated in several different subdisciplines

by reason of the complexity of the problems.

In places to study you can find a list of universities where you can study geophysics as main subject or as minor subject. 

Furthermore we listed up all offered Bachelor and Master programs. 

What can you do after graduation? Do you know where you can work as a geophysicist?

These topics are handled in vocational field and career contacts/job offers.

Here you can find current offers, e.g. for internships, jobs etc.




Geophysics is the study of a variety of natural processes. To understand dynamic phenomena in the interior physical properties such as density, wave velocities, electrical conductivity are constraint by measurements at the Earth’s surface or from space.


Places of Study / Change of Places of Study


This is a list of universities in Germany with their major fields of studies which are either pure geophysic or geophysic related.


Vocational field

The variety of geophysical tasks lead to a wide range where a geophysicist can be employed. Many geophysicists work in companies or national institutions which are concerned with natural resource prospection. It includes the prospection of oil in place, soil, mineral reservoirs or gas hydrates. The task are done  mostly in non-European countries.


Career Contacts / Job offers

Here a list of possible career contacts is avaible and all information about recent job offers.

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We have found a facebook group for all geophysics students. It sould offer you the possibility to discuss about the study, ask question to other students or simply exchange news.

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